Our Mission

Rockvue Capital has one simple principle: Find value. That’s it. Wherever value presents itself, Rockvue Capital is willing to venture. Using fundamental and technical analysis, Rockvue Capital deploys Deep Value Investing & Global Macro principles to a broad range of markets and securities.

We are not a financial advisory service, hedge fund, or investment bank, nor do we claim to be. The thoughts, analysis, and hypotheses on markets and securities are ours and ours alone. We never claim to speak for anyone else, and our explicit hypotheses are not charging calls to invest. Past performance and correct hypotheses do not indicate projections of future performance.

The purpose of this blog is to develop a track record and a following so that in the future, opening up an investment partnership becomes a possibility. Any and all trades that are mentioned in this blog are from a PAPER TRADING ACCOUNT with TradingView.com.

We fully expect and anticipate to be judged based on our Five Year track record.