Saying Goodbye & Hello

Today marks the last day of my internship at CIC Wealth, and after 8 months, I have so much to be thankful for, so I will say sorry in advance if this post gets a little long. When I started my internship in September, I never knew how much responsibility I would be given, nor did I anticipate the tremendous family atmosphere I would encounter over the course of the eight months.

To start, I want to thank Michael Fein for giving me the tremendous opportunity to work alongside you. The responsibility you entrusted me with from the beginning was extremely humbling, and it forced me to adapt and learn in the real world. You made me feel that my research and analysis mattered, which meant the world to me. The only thing an intern can wish for is to feel appreciated, and you showed that every single day, I was lucky. Your leadership style was inspiring, and along with the knowledge of the financial markets, you taught me more about the psychology of the investing client and opened my eyes to what it means to advise people on their investments. It’s easy to look at investing through rose colored glasses when you’re not risking money, but through this internship you helped me realize what was truly at stake: people’s hard earned money.

I also had the pleasure of working for Frank Cappadora, head portfolio manager at CIC Wealth. Frank took the time to inquisitively listen to each crazy question I would throw his way, whether it was about Russian oil companies, discount pharmaceutical companies, or who the best golf player in the world was. Frank listened, and he listened each time. The impact that that had on me was tremendous, and the knowledge I gained through listening to each answer helped me develop my own personal investment philosophy a bit clearer. Frank has a no – nonsense demeanor about him, but he truly cares about people, and he truly loves what he does.

I didn’t get the chance to work directly with Andy Smith, but I spent countless minutes in his office talking about business, life, cars, and fitness. Andy is a renaissance man, he knows so much about such a variety of topics. His thirst for knowledge is infectious when you’re around him, and he forces you to strive to be a better person through how he lives his own life. Andy is tremendous at what he does, and he takes pride in his work.

Finally, I can’t finish this thank you without mentioning Heather Betz and Deborah Kruse. Both of them became like family aunts to me, and they always made sure the office was running in tip top shape. Heather is a ball of energy, and has a warm spirit that is contagious throughout the office. Deborah is one of the best listeners I have ever met. She cares deeply about people and truly wants to know how someone is doing and what they’re planning on doing. Deb always asked me if I was doing anything “fun” during the weekends. Unfortunately I would usually tell her that my version of “fun” is analyzing different stocks, or reading the reports on the latest emerging market economy, but it was heart-warming to talk to someone who got excited in something you found exciting yourself.

As I leave for Morgan Stanley, I am torn between extreme excitement and sadness in leaving. The family I made at CIC Wealth will stay family forever. My success, if God willing, will be in large part due to the knowledge I gained at CIC Wealth. I would not have gotten into Morgan Stanley without the knowledge and experience I gained at CIC Wealth.

I look forward very much to my new chapter at Morgan Stanley, and I will never forget the family that took me in to help me learn the starting ropes.

Thank you CIC Wealth,




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