The opinions on this website are the sole opinions of Brandon Beylo and Jacob Myer. We are not financial advisors, nor do we claim to be. We write about what we see in the markets, and we hypothesize on both the micro and the macro economic spectrum.

Our trading philosophy is a mix between deep value / contrarian and global macro trend following. We like to go long and short, and never put limits on the ways in which we can find value and create profits. For global macro, we use futures, domestic and global markets, as well as commodities and corporate / government debt. For our deep value philosophy, we look at both the US and foreign markets, particularly in the equities department. We look anywhere from micro cap to large cap, and put no restrictions on liquidity in our search for value.

Once again, the opinions and hypotheses of the markets or individual securities are solely the opinions of Brandon Beylo and Jacob Myer. Even though we may say that personally we are bullish and would buy, it is not an indication nor a charging call to buy yourself. Always do your own due diligence before investing. If you choose to let us manage your money for you, that is different. Our opinions do not reflect anyone else’s, nor does it reflect the opinions of the various firms we may work at.