Supplement Your Portfolio With NAII

Most pharmaceutical companies are hard to analyze, and even harder to forecast earnings and FCF over time, which makes them good candidates to be kicked to the curb for research. However, sometimes a company, even a pharmaceutical, can have tremendous balance sheets and generate consistent free cash flow that compounds over time. One such company […]

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Jay Walker Is At It Again

Ben Graham taught me that its better to invest in good businesses trading at discounts to intrinsic value. Warren Buffett elaborated on that idea and taught me it’s sometimes okay to invest in great businesses at okay prices. What both of these men will tell you is that it’s always a great idea to invest in companies […]

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Finding Value in the Netherlands

A huge part of my trading strategy is having a global, no holds barred mindset when it comes to my search for value in the markets. Restricted to companies specifically in the US, one would have trouble finding companies trading at steep discounts to intrinsic value in these US equity markets. With the freedom associated […]

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Timmins Gold Deep Value Buyout

Below is a snapshot of my write-up on Timmins Gold (TGD) from April 28th. TGD popped up on my deep value screener and was hanging around the top of the list for a while but I cared not to look. However, after looking at the price action of gold, and developing a personal hypothesis on […]

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