The Biggest Drop In History

For most reading this, they will already know that the market fell 1,700 points at its lowest, marking the lowest one day drop in the history of the markets. An incredibly satiable headline for sure, but what does this recent trend mean for investors, specifically deep value investors like myself? I wasn’t planning on writing […]

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Portfolio Brush – Up (1/22)

The first portfolio update of 2018, how touching. Seems like only yesterday I was getting ready to launch this website and try to come up with the first post. The start of 2018 has been good to both funds, and I wanted to take some time to dive a bit deeper into the holdings of […]

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A Short Post on A Short Position

For the sake of record keeping, this post marks the 50th post of this website, which is something I consider a success in terms of hoping to create a pool of information and resources for those who are interested in my investing philosophies and results. This is a short and sweet piece about a short […]

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My Positions in My (Paper) Account

I want to start making monthly posts about the state of my portfolio, why I have positions the way I do, and what I am planning going forward. This will be more of a bulleted style list of things, whereas my companies analyses are droves of paragraphs. Without further hesitation, let’s roll. Long Positions British […]

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